At LML our Design-Build team excels in this programmatic approach. Focusing on the amalgamation of design, permit, and construction schedules we effectively streamline the traditional Design-Bid-Build process. This will organize design and construction professionals in a collaborative manner, completing necessary tasks in an overlapping method (i.e. construction begins in tandem with design) ultimately speeding up the process by which we assemble the working drawings and specifications. Although it will not typically curtail the time it takes to complete the individual tasks of acquiring building and other permits, or actually constructing the building, it is a more comprehensive, solution driven approach in contrast with the typical Design-Bid-Build process.


Construction Management and General Contracting

In order to deliver a successful project in today’s volatile environment, it is imperative that the responsible firm be able to anticipate and identify elements of project design, working documents, budget implementation and optimization, project management, scheduling, and relational dynamics of sub-contractor supervision that are likely to give rise to disputes and claims. LML offers a full service management approach including pre- through post-construction administration, ensuring owners and our business partners that there is representational oversight throughout each phase of development.


Environmental Commitment

LML Construction is committed to the objective of a greener and cleaner environment for all.  Our management team and skilled employees are dedicated to the prevention and minimization of pollution in all areas of operation.  LML adheres to a credo of: continual improvement in everything we do; keeping ourselves aware of and compliant with all relevant current and future environmental legislation and regulation; and reducing our use of natural resources, minimizing waste and maximizing efforts towards recycling and reuse of all materials.


Fee Development

We match our clients specific project requirements, objectives, and budgets by administering these projects from concept to delivery in order to minimize costs and maximize value for dollar.