Who We Are

LML is a multi-family/multi-use general contractor and developer with extensive experience throughout the southeast. With over 75 years combined experience, developments in over 11 states, over 100,000 thousand units, and an unparalleled bonding portfolio— you can trust that with LML your project will be completed on schedule and on budget.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose LML you’re choosing quality. At LML we offer clients an unparalleled safety record, impressive bonding rates, and an unquestionable reputation for delivering our product on time and within budgets. With extensive experience in construction management, fee development, general contracting, design/build, and management consulting, you know you’re in good hands.


Jennings M. Lyon


Jennings Lyon is a founding member and principal partner of LML Construction. Aspresident, his responsibilities include establishing corporate policy, developing and implementing the company’s strategic direction, and creating profitable, synergistic corporate relationships. As VP of business development, Mr. Lyon saw his previous firm expand their reach across 9 states, as they grew annual gross contract volume to more than $100M USD, successfully co-developing and constructing apartment and condominium complexes around the Southeast. A former collegiate wrestler, ordained minister, father of two, husband, and small business owner, Jennings still finds time to be active in his community. Serving as a board member, both in his local church and for Heritage Place, a home focused on caring for the needs of abused and abandoned children, Mr. Lyon clearly recognizes his greatest significance lies in his ability to help others realize their full potential.


Roy Melven

Senior Vice President of Construction

Roy started his career at Michigan Community college with emphasis on Construction Project Management. After 10 years as a Union Carpentry Foreman he engaged a position as a Project Superintendent in South Carolina. His career has included being Division Manager of the Florida market for General Contractor, Senior Project manager for several Florida General contractors and Project Superintendent. He has completed over 17,800 multi family units, as well as, commercial office structures. Roy currently holds an Unlimited General Contractors license for the states of Florida and South Carolina and has qualified for the 10 state NASCLA Unlimited general contractors license for the Southeast.


Mike Lyon

Executive Vice President

Mr. Lyon is a co-founder and principal partner in LML. Having constructed more than 20,000 multi-family units around the Southeast, Mr. Lyon’s track record speaks for itself. As the most seasoned member of the executive team, his ability to identify risk and manage the variables that make or break a project has made him one of the most successful independent multi-family general contractors in the Southeast. As a dedicated supporter and advisory board member of the Jobs and Prosperity Task Force, founded by American Solutions for Winning the Future, Mr. Lyon realizes the importance of economic influence on the construction trade and those that depend on its viability for their livelihood. “The multi-family industry has screeched to a halt and it is imperative that we capitalize on the markets with remaining growth potential and access to capital. Although there may be non-traditional financing available for urban-infill projects, these contracts will grow increasingly competitive, and will undoubtedly create a feeding frenzy that will appear to drive down costs in the pre-construction phase, but will undoubtedly result in higher expenditures associated with resulting change-orders. Today, more than ever, it is imperative that architects, owners, financiers, and general contractors work together to design and build a project that will limit surprises and potential losses in time and money.”